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Siromer Field Range, the Original Siromer. 20-30hp.

Siromer EU Range, for the road. 20-35hp.

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About Siromer

A family run business, Siromer has been selling tractors in the UK for over 14 years. Since over 3000 tractors have been sold, many of which in a flat pack, to smallholders, golf courses, fisheries, campsite owners, orchards and more. Today Siromer offer a wide range of compact tractors and equipment which can be seen on the products page. The Siromer Partner network are able to provide demonstrations, services and tractor build, should you require your Siromer preassembled (note prices quoted are for flat pack tractors).

Currently there are three ranges of Siromer tractor; the Field Range, EU Range and CH Range.

Field Range - The original Siromer tractor offers great value for money and remains very popular. Models 204S (20hp) & 304S (30hp).

EU Range - For the Road. Introduced in 2009 the EU Range complies with new road legislation and can be registered for road use anywhere in Europe. EU tractors also benefit from a double acting spool, required for hydraulic shifted equipment, like the Siromer Hydraulic Side Shift Mower. Models 204E (20hp), 244E (24hp) & 354E (35hp)

CH Range - More power from your compact tractor. The new range can also be road registered and offers the most power of the Siromer lineup. CH tractors are ideal for working large areas of land, arduous ground conditions and lifting large weights on the rear linkage. A larger chassis means that these tractors are only available preassembled.Models 404CH (40hp), 454CH (45hp) & 504CH (50hp)

Ten Mile Challenge

There are now over 3000 Siromer tractors in the UK. As a result your postcode will be within 10 miles of a Siromer (Mainland UK) or we'll discount your new tractor 10 per mile, including the first ten miles, which equals a minimum save of 100! Call today and see if you can save s.

Manufactured in China

Siromer's relationship with our factories in China is paramount. Siromer engineers work closely with our factories to ensure tractors are to the highest standard and are built, tested and then flat packed for shipping efficiently. Once the tractors arrive in the UK they are inspected at Siromer's main site in the North West, then shipped to the partner network where a further inspection is completed and the tractor is dispatched to you flat packed or preassembled as requested. In China our tractors and processes are known as the supreme, luxury model.


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1) Siromer keep a full stock of demo models and equipment for you to test drive. Directions to our Demo site

2) Any of Siromer's large network of partners will demonstrate a Siromer for you. - Your nearest UK Siromer Partner

3) There is a satisfied Siromer tractor owner within 10 miles of you, we got this big by being this good. Your nearest tractor

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