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Siromer 20-30hp Field Range, Click to View.

Siromer 20-35hp EU Range, Click to View.

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About Siromer

A family run business, Siromer have been working with factories in China to manufacture tractors for the past 14 years. Since then over 3000 Siromer Flat Pack  tractors have been sold in the UK many being assembled by the owners themselves. If you prefer your Siromer tractor built and ready for work our network of partners offer tractor build at fantastic rates.

Currently there are two ranges of Siromer tractor; the EU and Field range. The Field Range is the original Siromer tractor and has been popular since it's introduction over ten years ago. The EU range was introduced in 2009 to comply with new road legislation, this is the tractor range required if you want to take your tractor on the road. 2014 will see the launch of the new Siromer CH Range, which will mainly comprise of higher horse power tractors, for customers looking for that  extra power. Below is a list of tractors available in each range, for all prices please see the products page.

Field Range Tractors; 20hp, 30hp.

EU Range Tractors; 20hp, 24hp, 35hp

CH Range; 40hp, 45hp, 50hp

Siromer Tractors have proved popular and to date there are 3000 of our red tractors throughout the UK. Four years ago we launched the 15 mile challenge, a challenge which encouraged new customers to see where the nearest Siromer tractor was to their postcode to see if they could save s. More red tractors have been dispersed round the country and this challenge is now the 10 mile challenge; so if your nearest Siromer isn't within 10 miles you'll save 100 minimum + 10 for every extra mile. Call today and see if you can save.

Our relationship with our factories in China is paramount to our success. Today we offer the highest specification Chinese tractor in the UK and a years parts warranty as standard. The Siromer blue print is known in China as the supreme, luxury tractor model and we work hard to keep it that way and pass our negotiated prices onto our customers.


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1) Siromer keep a full stock of demo models and equipment for you to test drive. Directions to our Demo site

2) Any of Siromer's large network of partners will demonstrate a Siromer for you. - Your nearest UK Siromer Partner

3) There is a satisfied Siromer tractor owner within 10 miles of you, we got this big by being this good. Your nearest tractor

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