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About Siromer

 Siromer Tractors are a family run company specialising in compact tractors and agricultural machinery. Since our introduction in 1999 more than 3000 Siromer compact tractors have been distributed nationwide, with more being distributed to Europe.

The flatpack tractor originated as an idea to make compact tractors more affordable to the general public. By flatpacking our tractors we were able to lower logistical costs, therefore enabling us to provide the UK with incredible value compact tractors. Today our tractors are available both flatpacked or assembled.

Our current compact tractor lineup spans 16-50HP and starts at just £3,995+vat. Our tractors are most popular with smallholders, golf courses, fisheries, campsite owners, orchards, stables and more.

Siromer's expansive equipment range was introduced in 2009 and offers the same great value as our tractor range, making Siromer your one stop shop for all your agricultural needs!

Ten Mile Challenge

Try our ten mile challenge to see if you can save on your new tractor. If you don't live within 10 miles of a Siromer owner we will discount your tractor £10 per mile, including the first 10, equalling a minimum saving of £100.

Siromer Partner/Dealer Network

Siromer Partners are stockists of Siromer tractors and equipment. All partners are able to offer hands on demonstrations, servicing, repairs and tractor assembly.

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