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siromer ch range compact tractors

About Siromer

Siromer are a family run compact tractor and agricultural equipment company. Introducing ourselves as the only flatpack tractor company, Siromer have now sold over 3500 tractors nationwide. Today our utility tractors offer great value and are available flatpacked or assembled.

Siromer originated the idea of a flatpack tractor to make compact tractors more affordable. Flatpacking our tractors saves on the shipping and haulage costs, which allows us to offer a new tractor at an incredibly reasonable price. Should you opt for one of our tractors that is available flatpacked (mainly our 16-35HP compact tractor models) you can choose whether to build your own or have your new tractor built by a local Siromer dealer. All Siromer dealers have years of experience and the expertise to build your tractor to our high standards. Siromer's larger utility tractors (40HP+) are only available assembled.

Currently our tractor lineup spans 16 - 50HP. Siromer tractors are popular with smallholders, golf courses, fisheries, campsite owners, orchards, stables and many more.

Siromer's expansive compact tractor equipment range launched in 2011. Introduced to compliment the tractor range, our equipment is robustly engineered and offers the same great value as our tractors. Fast or next day delivery is available on the majority of our equipment. Siromer supply front loaders, backhoes, mowers, ploughs, rollers, balers, stone buriers, rotovators, post bangers, muck spreadersn snow clearing equipment, making Siromer your one stop shop for all your agricultural needs.


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Siromer - The Flatpack Tractor

When smallholder and Siromer founder Jeff Howard was searching for a compact tractor in 1999 the choices for an affordable compact tractor were limited. This inspired Jeff to look at alternative options to the current market, which eventually led to visiting tractor factories all over the world. Finally settling for a factory in China, Siromer began importing tractors flatpacked, which kept transportation costs low. Once in the UK the tractors were assembled and dispatched to customers also in the market for an affordable utility tractor. The Siromer tractor wasn't available flatpacked until a prospective customer visited for a demo and expressed an interest in building their own. Today Siromer have sold over 3500 tractors, 1 in 2 of which have been built by their respective owners. Siromer's 16-35HP models are available flatpacked or assembled by your local dealer. Siromer's higher horsepower models are only available assembled due to their weight.

Watch Devon dealer Tim Woodcock and Siromer's own Louise Howard put a Siromer tractor together in just over thirty seconds!

Compact Tractor Equipment

Siromer Equipment launched in 2011 and offers the same incredible value as the compact tractor range. Our equipment range is the highest grade compact tractor equipment produced in China. Offering an equipment range allows you to put together a package suitable for the task(s) in hand, ask Siromer or your local dealer about package prices.

Watch our current most popular compact tractor equipment video, which features a 204E and 5ft Topper, suitable for CAT 1 compact tractor 3 point linkage.






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