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Siromer Tractor Range

Field Range

Siromer Field Range 204S & 304

The UK's first flatpack tractor and original Siromer launched fifteen years ago, and is now known as the Field Range. The Range currently features two models; the 204S (20hp) and 304 (30hp). Built to UK standards the range if fitted with traditional tractor features, like a foot handbrake and individual instrument dash. Siromer's field range continues to offer the lowest cost per horse power of the full Siromer tractor line-up.

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EU Range

Siromer EU Range 164E 204E 244E 354E

Introduced in 2009, the Siromer EU Range is fully approved for road use anywhere in Europe. The largest range features four models; 164E (16hp), 204E (20hp), 244E (24hp) and 354E (35hp). The Siromer 164E is the most economical tractor Siromer offer at 3995+vat.

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CH Range

Siromer CH Range 404 454 504

New for 2014 the CH Range is built for power and like the EU Range can be road registered. Physically the largest tractors Siromer offer the CH Range comprises of three models; 404CH (40hp), 454CH (45hp) and 504CH (50hp). CH tractors are ideal for working large areas of land, arduous ground and lifting heavy loads on the rear linkage or front loader when fitted.

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10 Mile Challenge

If you don't live within 10 miles of a Siromer owner we will discount your tractor 100 plus 10 per mile for every additional mile. Call and ask for your nearest owner for an unbiased opinion on what it's like to own a Siromer compact tractor.

Siromer Quick Compare

RangeField RangeEU RangeCH Range
Models204S - 304164E - 204E - 244E - 354E404CH - 454CH - 504CH
Horsepower20hp - 30hp16hp - 20hp - 24hp - 35hp40hp - 45hp - 50hp
Cylinders3Cyl - 3Cyl3Cyl - 3Cyl - 3Cyl - 4Cyl4Cyl - 4Cyl- 4Cyl
Maximum Lift800kg - 800kg500kg - 800kg - 800kg - 1200kg1500kg - 1600kg - 1700kg
Tractor Weight1100kg - 1100kg900kg - 1650kg - 1650kg - 2250kg2300kg - 2400kg - 2500kg
Wheel Drive4WD (All)4WD (All)4WD (All)
EngineDirect Injection (All)Indirect Injection (All)Direct Injection (All)
BrakesDisc (All)Drum (164E) - Disc (204E, 244E, 354E)Wet Disc (All)
Rated Speed2400RPM (All)2400RPM (164E) - 2350RPM (204E, 244E, 354E)2400RPM (All)
GearboxShuttle or Creeper (Optional)High/Low (164E, 354E) - Creeper (204E, 244E)Shuttle (All)
PTO Speed540/1000RPM (All)540/750/1000RPM (164E) - 540/1000RPM (204E, 244E, 354E)540/1000RPM (All)
Hydraulic TypeFlow & Return (All)Flow & Return (164E) - Double Acting Spool (204E, 244E, 354E)Double Acting Spool (All)
TyresAg, Wide Ag or TurfAg, Wide Ag or Turf (164E Ag Only)Ag (Turf from 2015)

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